Sea turtle at US aquarium is confiscated


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A Green sea turtle that had been on display at the Idaho Aquarium has been removed by Federal Fish and Wildlife officers.

The two aquarium founders who held the required permit to keep the turtle were given a prison sentence earlier this month after pleading guilty to conspiring to harvest, transport and sell Spotted eagle rays and Lemon sharks for exhibit at the aquarium.

Ammon Covino was sentenced to one year and a day in prison, and Chris Conk to four months.

The sea turtle is a federally protected species and a special permit is required to keep them in captivity. The permit to keep the turtle at Idaho Aquarium was revoked following the convictions of Covino and Conk, who have both been removed from the aquarium's board and payroll.

The Idaho Aquarium is a non-profit organisation, which opened in December 2011 and is home to over 250 species of animals and marine life. 

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