'Sea monster' washes up on beach


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A huge oarfish has washed up on a beach in Mexico.

Measuring about 20' in length, the fish was still alive when it was discovered at the water's edge at Cabo -El Medano. A group of people tried to help it back into deeper water as it struggled for air, but unfortunately it died, reports Pisces Sportfishing.  

Oarfish are deep sea fish, and are rarely ever seen unless they are dying. Their slender shape, bizarre red finnage and 'crest', together with their undulating way of swimming spawned myths of sea serpents and sea monsters among ancient mariners.

Distributed worldwide in tropical and temperate oceans, living mainly in the mesopelagic zone between 200 and 1000 metres down, they feed largely by straining zooplankton for krill, but also take small fish, squid and jellyfish.

They've been known to reach lengths of 17m/56'.

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