Scientists test new shark repellent


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Scientists have been testing a new form of chemical shark repellent in the waters off Bimini Island in the Bahamas.

According to The Scotsman, the new chemical recipe, which is called A2, because it's only the second recipe the team produced, has undergone a successful initial trial, but further work is needed to perfect the repellent.

The repellent contains a sort of extract of dead shark, which the sharks dislike so much that they swim away from the area. The scientists are hoping that they can use the repellent around long lines to prevent sharks falling victim to hooks intended to catch other fish.

Marine biologist Samuel Gruber, who is working on the A2 trial at Bimini said that the repellent triggers a flight response in sharks. The team wants to produce a slow release version which can be impregnated into baits or nets to protect sharks from being accidentally hooked.