Ryedale Open Show report


Ryedale Aquarist Society held its annual Open Show in Old Malton, a picturesque outskirt of Malton, on September 9, 2012

The show was split over the two halls of Old Malton Memorial Hall, one for the auction, café and trade stands, the other was well lit and held the exhibits.

In all there were 40 classes including an unusual class for albino and xanthic (yellow) fish.

The show was run to YAAS rules and standards with three YAAS Judges, Trish Jones, Kevin Webb and Trevor Douglas doing a sterling job assigning places.

There were 164 entries from 16 exhibitors — this would have been higher but some exhibitors could not make it to the show because of some major traffic problems.

However, there was a good mix of exhibitors from the northeast, Cumbria and Yorkshire, all enjoying the day, mixing with each other and helping out. Prizes were well distributed between the attending clubs, with Ashby, Castleford, FAST, SVAS, STAMPS and Workington doing particularly well.

Steve Jones conducted the auction with the likes of Bede Kerrigan doing the running as well as a stint selling raffle tickets.

A good selection of fish and goods went through the auction; auction lots weren’t restricted to fishkeeping with a good selection of houseplants on the lists.

Ryedale has the ability to put on a show where everyone is willing to help, and which promotes a happy friendly atmosphere between different clubs and federations. Davis and Sue Marshall, along with the rest of Ryedale club must be congratulated on putting on a very enjoyable show.

The major results are as follows:
Best in Show: Bernard O'Neill (pictured above), Workington AS with a female Limia nigrofasciata (Blue Limia).
Best in Show: 1st Reserve - Jamie Horne, Sheaf Valley AS, with a Scleromystax kronei (Checkerboard Cory).
Best in Show: 2nd Reserve - Jamie Horne with a Hemaloptera confuzona (Gecko Loach).
Best Exhibit: Steven Grant, Castleford AS, with a pair of Bunocephalus amaurus (Banjo Catfish)
Best Goldfish: Jim Haworth, Castleford AS, with a Single-tailed Goldfish.
Best Fighter: Bernhard Teal, FAST.

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