Rolf C Hagen launches Fluval Spec


Editor's Picks

Hagen has launched a new nano tank with a modern, lifestyle design called the Spec.

Long and thin, the dimensions are 52cm long by 19cm wide and 29.5cm total height, holding 19 litres net water volume.

Features include a three stage filtration system built into one end and a 37 led, 7500K light with additional moonlight setting.

Filtration consists of a large sponge, biological media and activated carbon housed in an easy access chamber. There's room for a heater (not supplied,) for those who wish to go tropical too.

The Fluval Spec 19L black aquarium is available now, with a 10 litre version due to launch in October 2012 along with an alternative white colour option.

The more concienscious PFK readers may wince at the suggested fish on the packaging, including either a Siamese fighter, goldfish, Tiger barbs, shrimp, snails Zebra danios and White Cloud Mountain minnows.

We say yes to the fighter, only on its own though and with a heater, yes to shrimp and snails and at a push, either some white clouds or zebra danios. Just leave out Tiger barbs or Goldfish.

We don't recommend any fish for the 10 litre version.