RO-Man launches Koi-Boy water purifiers


Reverse osmosis (RO) unit manufacturer RO-Man has launched a new range of products aimed specifically at pond owners.

The Koi-Boy range of resin-based water purification units, which were launched at the Glee trade show at the NEC last week, are designed to meet the demands of pond owners, particularly those who run large Koi ponds.

A spokesman for RO-Man told Practical Fishkeeping: We know that a lot of you, at the very least, need to dechlorinate water, and you may have issues with such things as heavy metals and phosphates. So the range we've introduced is designed to remove those three products.

There will be a range of three types. There will be dechlorinating filters; dechlorinating with metal-removing filters, and dechlorinating with phosphate-removing filters. And they will come in different sizes, according to the water needs of your particular pond.

RO-Man said that the prices for the Koi-Boy range would be incredibly competitive and said that the units could be specially made to meet the specific requirements of individual customers:

We're able to make systems that are individual to your particular needs. If you're living in Scotland, the demands of your water won't be the same as if you're living in Somerset. So, we're able to tailor-make these systems to meet the requirements of your pond and your fish.

We have a very specific blend of resin that we've made up for our metal-removing filter. This is aimed to give you the maximum capacity for removing toxic metals such as mercury and lead, while giving a long-life on the filter and meaning you're not needing to change the resins over too frequently.

RO-Man said that the larger systems in the Koi-Boy range have a very high flow rate, treating up to five gallons (22.7 litres) every minute: You can just plug them into your garden tap via your hosepipe, if necessary. Turn on your tap, the water will run through, and come out the other side. And you're going to get water that you know is free of chlorine and toxic metals.

For extremely large Koi ponds, we even have a much bigger model. This treats up to two million litres of water before any of the filtration needs changing on it, so again it's got good economy of use.

Systems are fitted with pressure gauges, which are easy to read and simply tell you if the filter is clean, if it's becoming dirty or if it needs changing. So again, there's no trying to interpret pounds per square inch figures; it's clear, it's simple and it means you can get on with the job of enjoying your fish and not 'faffing' around with equipment.

The Koi-Boy range is due to go on sale shortly at No prices were available for the products at the time of publication.