Rena to stop selling aquariums


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In a shock move, Mars Fishcare, owners of Rena, Aquarian and API, have announced that they will be pulling out of aquarium production and sales.

In recent years, the sharp rise in competition in the tank market has made it difficult for Mars Fishcare to optimise its resources in this area, the company said in a statement.

Mars Fishcare Europe is taking steps to refocus its European business in aquarium equipment and water treatment, and to strengthen its position in the European fish food market.

The Rena aquarium rangeRena currently hold a significant stake in the large aquariums sales sector in the UK, and its removal from stockists may well open up new opportunities for its competitors.

The Aqualife range comprised modern, premium-looking designs, in dimensions up to 200 x 50 cm and over 600 litres capacity, making them popular with owners of big fish, who still wanted a tank that would look good in their living room.

Recent Rena Aqualife models also came with a five year guarantee, questioning what existing customers can do if they experience a problem with their tank in the future.

The statement does reassure existing customers however, pledging that Mars Fishcare will continue to provide after sales service care for all tanks already sold in Europe.

Management buyoutRena aquariums were manufactured in Portugal, and Mars stated that they are considering options that would make it possible for others to continue producing tanks and to keep supplying Europe with tanks.

There is to be no impact on employment in the UK, the company said.