Red Sea Max 500 reef aquarium


Red Sea showed off the latest Max Model at Germany's Interzoo trade show in May.

Called the Max 500, the new model is the largest and the most technologically advanced aquarium in the range, boasting 500 litre total volume, sump, C-Skim skimmer, 10 x linear T5 lighting and a chiller.

Total water turnover is said to be 12,000lph, with lighting split into 5 x 54 watt 10,000K and 5 x 54 watt actinic tubes.

The sump splits into three areas and a 300 watt heater is supplied.

The new tank is rumoured to come in high clarity glass and despite having some 15 pieces of equipment to plug in, the 'Plug and Play' philosophy of the smaller models has been continued with all equipment being independently switched and mounted within the tank's cabinet.

Lighting is on a timer and blue and white lights can be controlled independently of each other.

An online retailer visiting Interzoo told PFK that the new tank was expected to sell for around £3000 once in the UK.

All white and all black versions were on display during the show.