Red Sea launches new temporary website


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Red Sea has announced the launch of its new temporary website which will be online while the new permanent site is under construction.

Despite being labelled by Red Sea as "temporary", the new site provides more features than many permanent websites and shows Red Sea’s commitment to providing detailed and educational information for all reefkeepers.

The temporary site provides details of the upgraded Red Sea and Coral Pro salt formulas, the all-new Reef Care Program (including NO3:PO4-X uniquebiological Nitrate and Phosphate reducer) and the range of MAX complete coral reef aquariums.

The site contains several videos providing instructional guides for the use of some of Red Sea’s innovative new Reef Care Program products, as well as a video showing how Red Sea’s unique reef salts are produced.

Full technical support, manual downloads and contact details for Red Sea’s global customer service centres are also included.