Red Sea launches new Max 130D


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Red Sea has officially launched its replacement for the existing Max 130, the Max 130D.

The Red Sea Max 130D, which Practical Fishkeeping first saw at the Interzoo trade show back in May 2008, includes a number of design tweaks and new features which are designed to iron out some of the issues present in the original Max 130.

Red Sea told Practical Fishkeeping: "The Max 130D is now available and offers many significant upgrades over and above the high specification and ease of use of the original Red Sea Max 130, which itself has become the benchmark for anyone looking for a complete 'Plug and Play' coral reef aquarium."

It says the whole system is now easier to use, needs less maintenance and gives higher levels of performance than the original Max 130.

The new model includes a "full-sized, turbo-injected protein skimmer, 1100 lph water turnover, a full coral reef spec filtration system and twin 55W power compact lighting."

The Max 130D features a new overflow box and surface skimmer, which is available as an add-on for owners of the original Max 130.

UpgradesAmong the tweaks made to the original Max 130 are an adjustable overflow box with better surface skimming, a new skimmer with an adjustable neck height, a new timer and higher intensity T5 power compact tubes, and a three-stage hood opening system for easier maintenance.

The hood has also been completely re-designed and now features a three-stage opening system for easier access during maintenance.

There are also changes to the water level compartment viewer, improved cooling and a new accessory kit for connecting the Red Sea Max 130D to a chiller.

The improved components are also available as upgrades for owners of the existing Red Sea Max 130. (See Red Sea launches range of add-ons for Max 130)

The Red Sea Max 130D comes in silver and black, holds 130 litres, and measures around 61 x 50 x 60 cm.