Readers' Poll 2023


Here we are again! It’s your annual opportunity to vote for your favourite stores from anywhere across the United Kingdom

Each year, PFK runs its highly anticipated  Readers` Poll as a way to give you, the aquarium-shopping public, a clear voice on who you think has gone above and beyond, or simply deserves long-due recognition. 

For retailers, coming top place in one (or more), of the multiple categories is a badge of honour, and it's more than possible that you`ve visited a previous winner before. But more than that, it`s also a huge `thank you` to hard-working teams working what is often a thankless job. Your votes really do make a difference. 

The Poll is entirely democratic – one person, one vote. And it relies on you to make it happen! It matters not whether you’re voting for a new store or old, a large chain or a small independent, a mainstream shop or a specialist one. All we want is for you to tell us who rocks your boat.

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