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Vote for your favourite retailers, manufacturers and products and you could win 200, or one of two runners-up prizes of 50, to spend with the aquatic retailer of your choice.

Plus there's a great free gift for the first 500 readers who send in their votes.

What's your favourite fishkeeping shop? We all have one. Maybe it's a shop that just has loads of interesting fish " the sort of place that every time you go, you just know you'll see something different.

Or maybe it's a local dealer who supplied us with our first aquarium and we've been loyal to ever since. Or is it a shop that you discovered while on your travels " but you feel it's worth doing the extra miles for?

Or perhaps you have a particular interest in reefkeeping, or Discus or other cichlids, and the shop you hold in high esteem is one that specialises in that area of the hobby.

In some cases, it's the staff that is the reason why people keep going back " their knowledge, friendliness and enthusiasm for the subject. Perhaps it's just the friendliness of the staff, or the atmosphere of the shop that entices us back.

Well now's your chance to tell us all about it in our annual readers' poll. The first 500 readers to send in their vote will receive a free gift, and everyone who votes will be entered into a draw where the lucky winner will receive 200 to spend at the aquatic shop of your choice.

Two runners-up will also receive 50 to spend with their chosen retailer.

The categoriesSo for 2007, the categories we'd like you to vote in are:

Retailer of the year

Your overall favourite shop " it doesn't matter whether it's big or small, whether it's a specialist in any one area or just a good community-fi sh dealer. If you think it's the Corydoras' whiskers, vote here.

Small retailer of the year (100 tanks and under)

A chance for the smaller shops to shine. We know there are some fabulous small shops out there (we've discovered loads ourselves, on Shoptours). To qualify as a smaller shop, it must have a maximum of 100 sales tanks/vats.

Tropical retailer of the year

Which shop, in your opinion, does the best range of freshwater tropicals?

Marine retailer of the year

If you're a saltwater fan, this is your chance to vote for your favourite marine specialist shop.

Cichlid retailer of the year

Which shop do you recommend for a great choice of healthy cichlids?

Discus retailer of the year

If Discus are your thing, tell us which shop you think offers the best fish.

Mail-order retailer of the year

We know many of you use mail order companies regularly " so who do you think offers the best service?

Online retailer of the year

If you do your shopping on the internet, which aquatic specialist company do you prefer to use?

Product of the year, freshwater

What's your favourite fishkeeping product?

Product of the year, marine

Which product wouldn't you be without in your marine set-up?

Best manufacturer

Which manufacturer do you think makes the best products?

Favourite Practical Fishkeeping contributor

Which of PFK's regular writers do you think deserves an award?

You can place your vote in as many, or as few, of the above categories as you wish - although there are a few general categories that everyone must vote in.

We'll count up all the votes that come in and using the information provided, we will be able to compile a list of the top retailers, products and manufacturers as voted for by you, the readers.

We'll publish the results in a future issue. So please reward the people who, in your opinion, are doing great things for the fishkeeping hobby.

The rules

Retailers and manufacturers and their staff and families are not eligible to vote for the shop or manufacturer at which they work, or their products.

Open to UK residents only. Closing date August 1 2007. One vote per household. Only one vote per household. Retailers and manufacturers and their staff and families are not permitted to vote for the shop or manufacturer at which they work, or their products. All prize winners will be notifi ed by post. No cash alternative.

The full rules are available to anyone enclosing a self-addressed envelope and applying to the competition address: Practical Fishkeeping, Bushfield House, Orton Centre, Peterborough PE2 5UW in an envelope marked 'rules'. Results can be obtained in a similar fashion. All entries will be placed in a draw.

The first name drawn wins 200 to spend at the aquatic retailer of

his/herchoice. The next two each win 50 to spend at the aquatic retailer of their choice.

To vote click here