Rare Wrinkled swimming crab found in UK


A rare crab has been recently discovered in British waters for the third time in a century.

The Wrinkled swimming crab, Liocarcinus corrugatus, was discovered by fisherman Tim Bailey in a prawn pot 90 feet underwater in the Fal Estuary in Cornwall.

This is the first time that this species has been recorded there in 25 years, and marks only the third time since 1907 that it has been recorded in British waters (nine of the previous 11 sightings were made before 1901).

The crab is now housed at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall.

Although native to British waters, the crab is rarely seen because it is nocturnal and being a swimming crab, is not commonly encountered near-shore.

According to a spokesman at the aquarium, As a crustacean enthusiast it is exciting to finally get to see this particular type of crab in the flesh rather than just in textbooks We are hoping to have this one on display. It is actually so feisty that we are keeping it in quarantine. We are trying to recreate the habitat it likes.