Rare goldfish imports fly into Star Fisheries


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As the summer draws to a close, goldfish specialist Star Fisheries looks to its fancy goldfish offering for the autumn.

Goldfish fanciers will be pleased to hear that Star is once again gearing up for the indoor goldfish season with some rare and unusual varieties.

Once again Star is offering Jinchu Kai ranchu from British breeder Andrew James but also some three month old fish from Murakami and Sugiura bloodlines, who breed ranchu in the Hamamatsu area of Japan.


Andrew James is breeding these non Jinchu Kai bloodlines on behalf of Andy Green at Star, so ranchu fanciers should see the benefit in fully rested UK fish verses imported fish, carrying heavy freight charges.

If you want to see a true Japanese Ryukin (they originated from the Ryuku islands in Japan,) some red, and red and white Ryukin have recently arrived, bred by Iida San.


Bristol and London shubunkins are available in small sizes and high quality, from UK breeders.

From China come some of what Andy describes as top class side view ranchu in different colours including a rare metallic blue and white fish.

Large red wakin are in stock, and the latest shipment has been topped off by some Chinese Panda oranda.