Rare fish for sale at Stockport store is a stunner


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The Abyss in Stockport, Manchester, has taken delivery of a gorgeous soapfish called Belonoperca pylei - and chances are you won't have seen one of these in the flesh before!

It's an absolute beauty with a real cartoon character look, leading to its common name of Dr Seuss fish.

Anne-Marie Powderly of The Abyss tells us: "It's the first time we've ever managed to get one and we think it must be the only one to have ever graced the UK's shores. This chap is 12.5cm/5" long and has a vivid colour and pattern that make it well worth the £4000 we have it on sale for. After only a week it is very bold and inquisitive; it's already taking Mysis and flake food! It's one of those fish that you can't decide if you're watching it…or if it's watching you!"

The Abyss is located at Unit 6, Brookside Estate, off Waterloo Road, Stockport, SK1 3BD. Tel. 0161 476 4439.

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