Quiet weekend? Fill it with a fish gig


What are you up to over the weekend? Tinkering with the motor? A bit of spring cleaning? Or just sobbing into cupped hands at not having a fishier life? Get out, says Nathan Hill...

Why not come out to one of two events that hobbyists are congregating to. If you’re in the west, you could opt for the Pleco Sales and Swap meet, at Rare Aquatics in Crewe, Cheshire. I went to the last one, and it rocked. I even got to fill up on other people’s cake without getting slapped, which is always a result.

I’ll be there again this year, too. I met some great heads at the last event, and managed to put a few faces (and voices) to names that I knew. Julian Dignall even turned up and gave a talk on his South American catfish hunting exploits.

Oh, and there was 10% off of everything at Rare on the day, just like there is this time. Except this time, it coincides with Colombia’s pleco season, so there’s shedloads in stock.

If you’re a catfish nut, you’d be insane to miss this.

If you’re in the south, you might want to venture over to Romsey World of Water, where they’re having their annual tropical aquatic event. There’ll be experts from all around the industry there over the weekend, so any technical query you have about pretty much anything will be answerable. As long as it’s something fishy, that is.

Romsey also has a range of discounts over the weekend, and competitions to enter, too. If you’re lucky, you could be leaving with an Eheim Scuba Cube 125, or a JBL canister, or even a bundle of Sydeco plastic plants.

So, wipe away those tragic tears, grab the satnav and fill the fuel tank. Get out to and meet some other aquarists, and get yourself some discount gear while you’re at it. It beats staying in with weekend daytime trash TV.

Pleco Sales or Swap meet at Rare Aquatics takes place Sunday 17th of February, from 10am to 4pm. Address: Rare Aquatics, Unit 7 Atec Court, Lancaster Fields, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6FF. Call 01270 589006 for more details.

Romsey World of Water’s aquatic event runs over the 16th and 17th of February. Address: Romsey World of Water, Greatbridge Road, Romsey SO51 0HB. Call 01794 515923 for more details.