QE Global launch flexible LED light strips for aquariums


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The aquarium LED market is set to liven up as a new concept in lighting is about to launch.

Global import company QE Global ltd is making available a range of led light strips from 600mm to 2000mm in length.

"Our LED flexible strips are a silicone coated waterproof light that was originally developed for the display industry, for example signage." Said Carl Haffner, Managing Director of QE Global.

"As a product that is used for signage it has to withstand harsh conditions of big temperature changes and moisture."

"So as a business that already supplies these lights within the retail and display sectors we decided to look at new markets and one of those being the marine and tropical fish keeping."

"The product itself seemed to fit into this market quite nicely as it is very bright, very low energy, minimal heat, almost zero UV output, with a very long life and waterproof."

"All we had to do was make a few redesigns on the look and feel and how it is mounted and connected. Thus creating a very simple and effective alternative to glass fluorescent tubes."

"The simplicity and flexibility of the lights is the key quality, making it easy to retro fit into existing tanks as well as the application within new builds."

It can be used as a complete stand alone unit in various sizes and can be added to or reduced according to length and light output required."

"Also as a complement lighting to existing systems to add a much needed boost without big changes to the tanks themselves."

"Our main safety feature is you are only using 12 volts and low amps in the area of the tanks that the light is in."

"The energy savings compared to an existing fluorescent light is on average 75%."

A number of different spectrums make up the range including Warm White 4200K, Day Light 6000K, Blue, Bright Warm White 4200K, Bright Day Light 6000K, Bright Marine Blue 9000K and Bright Blue.

All are IP65 safety rated with silicone seals both sides, heat shrunk tubes and connectors included.

The units run on 12 volts and are low energy consumption, ranging from 7.5 watts for a 600mm warm white to 29 watts for a 2 metre Bright Blue.

Early indications are that units will come fitted with adhesive backs and 500mm cables.

They are completely flexible and can be twisted and bent into any shape or direction. QE Global also state that they can be used underwater.

Recommended prices range from 18.00 for the 600mm Warm White to 49 for the 2 metre Bright Marine Blue.

Controllers are sold separately and range from RRP 15 to 20, depending on the power needed.