Pushy Turbot cause havoc at aquarium


A group of Turbot at the MacDuff Aquarium in Scotland are causing so much trouble that staff have been forced to evict them, says a report on This is Scotland.

The Turbot are bullying staff and taking the lion's share of the food intended for other tankmates.

MacDuff's Education Officer Claire Matthews, told This is Scotland: "They are nothing but trouble and I will be glad to see the back of them. They are brutes.

"Everyone who goes into their tank to feed them is always on edge. As soon as one comes towards you, you've got to duck or it will take your head off.

"I've had a few nasty bites from them and they always try to munch through your mask.

"The group are fearless and will eat anything they can get. We've no choice but to get rid of them."

The fish are due to be released into the Moray Firth.