Pure Aquarium now available in a new size


Evolution Aqua has launched Pure Aquarium – a bacterial product for aquariums – in an economical 50-ball pack size.

Pure Aquarium has been designed to maintain crystal clear and healthy water. Inside every ball there are millions of live bacteria and enzymes. Once added to the aquarium these will start to break down the ammonia and nitrite in your water.

Pure Aquarium also breaks down organic waste, which is often the cause of poor water clarity.

Evolution Aqua recommends use of Pure Aquarium as part of your regular maintenance programme. You cannot overdose with this product.

  • To maintain crystal clear, healthy water add 1 or 2 PURE Aquarium balls per 25 l of water once a week. Add the balls directly into your aquarium or inside the aquarium filter.
  • If using Pure Aquarium for the first time or if your aquarium has clarity problems, add 5 to 10 balls per 100 l of water. When the water clears, continue to use as described above.

Pure Aquarium can also be used when starting up a new tank, to help to mature your filter.

Evolution Aqua also manufacturers Pure Pond balls, which was awarded the the 'Best Water Gardening Product of the Year' at the AQUA 2010 Show in October 2010.

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