Puntius denisonii tops Kerala's exports


Puntius denisonii tops Kerala's exports


Government officials in India's Kerala State are urging locals to do more to cash in on the current boom in tropical fish exports.

According to a report from Web India, Kerala's Fisheries and Sports Minister Dominic Presentation has been promoting the aquarium industry and sees it as an ideal way to provide employment in rural areas, particularly to women.


Horabagrus catfishes, such as these nigricollaris, are one of Kerala's biggest exports.

Minister Presentation told Web India: "In a world where urbanisation is the norm and space is at a premium, ornamental fish keeping is rapidly becoming the most popular hobby."

Presentation says that many Kerala households now depend on the ornamental fish industry for their income, and this has led to an increase in development of breeding techniques, display systems and accessories.


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Mr Gopalakrishnan Nair, Executive Director of the Fisheries Resource Management Society says that the aquarium industry in Kerala is both healthy and growing:

"We have been breeding at least 12 species which are in high demand in the international market. This is because our climatic conditions and the character of the water bodies are the best to breed and develop them."

The report says that Kerala's biggest export is now the Red line torpedo barb, Puntius denisonii, which is known as "Miss Kerala", as well as other more established fishes such as the Orange chromine, Etroplus maculatus and the catfishes of the Horabagrus genus.

Nair believes that Kerala can grow its aquarium industry business so much that it could compete alongside world leaders, such as Singapore.

The State is due to hold a major event in February 2006 aimed at promoting the industry and boosting exports.