Prized Koi dies after being fed pebble


Staff at a Scottish botanic garden are asking the public to stop feeding the fish following the death of a prized Koi, which had apparently been fed a pebble.

Notices have been put up around the garden's popular pond in the Kibble Palace glass house, Glasgow to try and prevent more deaths.

Members of the public have been regularly seen feeding the friendly fish a variety of foods including sweets, crisps and sausage rolls, which despite the carp's omnivorous nature are not considered a suitable diet, with the existing fence proving an insufficient deterrent to determined fish feeders.

The fish are already fed daily by staff with suitably fish friendly fodder and it is hoped the signs will prevent any similar incidents without the need for unsightly netting.

The pond and glass houses are part of the 50-acre Glasgow Botanic Gardens, a popular free attraction that includes several national plant collections and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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