'Priceless' gems discovered in fish tank


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How much do you think your aquarium set-up is worth? And how about what's in it? We'd bet that it doesn't come close to what was discovered in a fish tank last week!

According to a report at clickondetroit.com, the fish tank, stored at a Detroit auction warehouse, was found to contain gems worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Three of the gems in particular raised the eye of expert Derek Wilson when he was asked to come and help identify the stones. These were two emeralds and a sapphire, which he thinks could be over 100 years old and may be worth more than $100,000 collectively. 

One of the emeralds is 840 karats. Wilson says he has never come across anything like it before and so is unable to put a value on it. "It's priceless," he said.

As to why the precious stones had been stored in the fish tank, no one has a clue. 

The full story, and a video of the news report, including footage of some of the actual gems found, can be found at clickondetroit.com.