Practical Fishkeeping to test Red Sea Max 250


After its initial launch at Interzoo 2008, Practical Fishkeeping will finally be reviewing the bigger brother of the Max 130, the Max 250.

So named because of its total water volume, the Max 250 is larger at 960 x 552 x 665mm and holds 250 litres gross volume.


Lighting is 6 x 39W linear T5 with cooling fans, and 8 blue LEDs.Its controlled by a built in analogue timer in the hood.

Other equipment includes 4-stage filtration system, adjustable height surface skimmer and built in protein skimmer.

"The turbo air injection skimmer circulates the water volume through the skimmer more than 3 times per hour at an air/water ratio of 1:3 providing ideal skimming specifications for a hard coral (SPS) reef aquarium." Say Red Sea.

"The unique foam adjuster ensures that foam can be produced in all water conditions."

"Mechanical filtration removes the large organic substances while Phosphate-free active carbon acts as a large chemical sponge; absorbing dissolved organic carbons from the water."

"Highly porous bio-media provides a huge surface area for nitrifying bacteria and additional equipment such as a chiller or an external filter can easily be added with the accessory kit supplied with each unit."

"Plug and Play"

Other features from the original Red Sea Max have been continued including hood control panel, main control panel and power centre.

This enables only one socket to be used instead of many, with the whole system combining to give the "plug and play" ease of use slogan continued throughout the Max range of marine aquariums.

"The MAX 250 has been designed as a highly specified complete 250 liter coral reef aquarium system." Say Red Sea.

"Each component has been specifically designed to work as part of the total system, guaranteeing compatibility and performance suited to maintaining even the most delicate sps corals."

The tank and cabinet is available in either black or silver trim, with Pearl White being available from January 2010.

RRP is 1499.