Power restored to New York Aquarium


New York Aquarium, which lost its power and suffered damage to essential electrical equipment due to Hurricane Sandy last week, has had its power restored.

At one stage it was thought that staff would have to relocate around 12,000 animals, including sharks, jellyfish, giant octopus, sea turtles and walruses, after the aquarium lost its power during the storm and also suffered serious flood damage.

Some of the fish at the aquarium died as a result — most of them in one exhibit which was located in an area that couldn't be accessed immediately after the storm.

Staff at the aquarium have been working continuously to get filtration systems and heating in working order, but the power was not fully restored to all exhibits until Friday evening.

Jim Breheny, WCS Executive Vice President of Zoos and Aquarium, Bronx Zoo Director said: "Assuming we can maintain this generator power, we have no immediate plans to relocate any animals.

"Since power went down during the storm and the ocean surged past the Coney Island Boardwalk, we have been working to pump out water from electrical and mechanical areas. The salt water from the surge caused extensive damage to this equipment, making the restoration effort more difficult.

"The aquarium staff has done an extraordinary job staying at the aquarium to care for the animals. The animal and veterinary staff provided all the necessary care to the fish, invertebrates and mammals as we worked to restore systems and power to the 14-acre facility. The dedication of the aquarium staff, led by Director Jon Dohlin, is a testament to their commitment to the animals."

Staff at the aquarium are still assessing the damage caused by the hurricane and it's thought that it will be some time before it will re-open to the public.

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