Powdered foods from Aquarium Plant Food UK


After years of buying and selling plant foods in liquid form it's nice to come across something different, says Nathan Hill.

APF UK provided two of its All in One Mix products, a bottled powder ready to have water added, and a sachet refill for later use. The bottle holds 500ml and once prepared will last around six months.

Making the mix is easy enough. Simply fill a kettle, boil it up, and once cooled add directly to the bottle. A hefty shake turns everything cloudy and it’s ready to go.

The dry mix comprises potassium nitrate, potassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, a handful of trace elements as well as two E numbers. Don’t panic about those numbers, as they act as a pH stabiliser and preservative, preventing moulds.

I like the bottle and the fact that it’s reusable. The refill is fiddly, but anyone with more patience should get on fine with it.

This product is available in several sizes, but APF also provides a selection of powders for those wishing to resort to estimative index (EI) feeding too. I’ll be looking at this package at a later date.

My bottles came with dosage recommendations and many other hints on keeping a planted tank happy.

The bottle has a measuring cap and, given the prices of the dry mix compared to some liquid foods, I suspect these will attract a large following of planting fans.

Price: 500ml TFF plant nutrition and dose bottle £8.91, refill 500ml £6.50.