Policeman sues Maidenhead Aquatics after falling into drain


A policeman who says he fell into a drain during a call-out to investigate a break-in at Maidenhead Aquatics' Guildford branch, has launched legal action.

PC Richard Seymour (34) is suing owner Stuart Lambley for £10,000, for loss of overtime during the six months he had to take off work as a result of the fall.

PC Seymour was called out to the Surrey store at 4am on March 28 last year, after a raid set off alarms. He says he fell down an open downpipe drain which was uncovered at the time, and which he had been unable to see in the dark. He reportedly tore an Achilles tendon, leaving him in plaster for four months. During this time his lawyers say he missed out on special duties at the London 2012 Olympics.

Mr Lambley (36) met PC Seymour and other officers at the shop at the time of the call-out and told The Sun he was baffled by the claim - and did not even know where the manhole was.

He also says that PC Seymour made no mention of any injury to him at the time.

Mr Lambley told The Sun: "I had a safe stolen and thousands of pounds worth of damage to pay for and now I'm being sued by the cops.

"I'll think twice before calling police out in future."

The thieves weren't caught.

In a statement, Surrey Police said it was distancing itself from the claim, which comes just days after a policewoman announced she is seeking damages from a burglary victim. PC Kelly Jones claims she tripped over a kerb and injured her leg and wrist during a call-out to Nuns' Bridges Filling Station in Thetford, Norfolk last year.

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