Police halt sale of sturgeon


Police have stopped the sale of a 9 foot sturgeon caught in Swansea Bay after allegations were made that the fish was illegal, says a report from The Telegraph.

Sturgeon are protected in the UK and in order to sell any that are caught they must first be offered to the Crown.

Fisherman Robert Davies claims that he caught the 120kg fish - a rarity in the UK - off Swansea Bay and received a fax from the Queen saying that he could "dispose of it as he saw fit".

However, The Telegraph says that Defra alerted the police about the fish.

PC Jon Needham, Devon and Cornwall Police wildlife crime officer, told The Telegraph that it is an offence to sell sturgeon, and that anyone caught doing so could face up to six months in prison or a fine of up to 5,000.

Plymouth Fisheries said that the fisherman had acted in good faith and since they had received a letter from the Crown saying that they could dispose of the fish they thought it would be OK to offer the fish for sale.