'Pleco sales and swap' to meet at Rare Aquatics


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Catfish fans will be swooping down on Crewe, Cheshire this October 14, for a meet up organised by the Facebook group, 'Pleco sales and swap UK'.

The group has already enjoyed previous meetings, and the third looks to be its busiest yet. At time of print, the group has over 1,600 members, and is growing fast.

The meet takes place at Rare Aquatics in Crewe, where there will be a talk given by catfish guru Julian Dignall on his plec collecting excursions in South America.

Also on the day there will be the opportunity to buy, sell and swap catfish from various breeders, and to top it all off there’s even a 10% discount on the day offered by the hosts, Rare Aquatics, who is also laying on some light refreshments for the event.

The last meet saw visitors travelling up from as far afield as London and Norfolk, so it’s definitely somewhere you’ll be able to rub shoulders with some real catfish enthusiasts.

Yours truly will also be there to catch up on some catfish gossip, so with luck I might even get to see a few of you there!

Event starts at 10am, and goes on until 4pm, at Rare Aquatics, Unit 7 Atec Court, Lancaster Fields, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6FF.

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