Piranha caught in Stockport


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A young angler has caught a piranha while fishing in a river in Greater Manchester.

Josh Boyle, 14, caught the Red bellied piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri, while fishing at Reddish Vale, near Stockport in Greater Manchester, says a report from Ananova.

"I recognised what it was straight away, so I wrapped it in a towel so it couldn't bite me," Boyle told Ananova.

"I was really shocked, but I was excited too - as I have never caught anything like it. I have been fishing since I was two, and I've seen lots of pictures of piranhas before, so I knew what it was."

Boyle said that the fish weighed around 3lb. It was returned to the water but was found dead later.

"It was in cold water so it was dying. I think it's the most exotic fish I'll ever catch. I want to get some piranhas as pets but my mum won't let me."

Boyle says that the Piranha was caught using a spinner, a lure made from a curved metal blade which is designed to imitate a fish when it is pulled through the water.

The release of non-native fish is illegal in the UK and persons found guilty of releasing fish risk hefty fines.