PFK to test ATI multiple T5 lighting systems


UK distributor Empac Direct has sent their ATI Powermodule and Sunpower marine light units for testing.

The units, available in sizes from 4 x 24W to 10 x 80W have what ATI describe as several different, measurable factors incorporated into their design.

An active, regulated cooling in our Power modules and in the Sunpower provides the performance cooling for the electronics (EVG) and the T-5 tubes, say ATI Aquaristik.

Thereby, the electronics are preserved and simultaneously, the T-5 tubes are stabilized at an optimum temperature range, which results in an extra performance increase of 15%.

The manufacturer also claim to use the most superior reflecting materials on the market today, with a 98 % total-light reflection, resulting in an increase of over 10 % in the level of illumination.

Cooling is by way of fans mounted in the top of each unit. Since the heat is deflected to the sides and upward, and not directed to the surface of the water, there is less heat displacement in the aquarium itself.

The Sunpower is light weight, containing up to six tubes depending on the model. The Powermodule is a more refined design with better aesthetics, and is available to take up to 10 tubes. Both units coming with ceiling suspension fittings and require three sockets " one for the cooling fans, one for the actinic tubes and one for the main lighting.

Two new tubes

In addition to the Aqua-blue Special tube, which is used as the basis tube, the ATI-ACTINIC has been reintroduced for the toning of the fluorescent pigments, and in contrast to the existing "Blue-Plus", which creates an intensive blue light (max. by 450 nm), the ATI Actinic produces a violet-blue light (max. by 421 nm ) which is less bright, but which emphasizes the fluorescent pigments in the corals.

In many corals the non-fluorescent or plactive pigments are responsible for the colorful appearance. Therefore, with our all-new "Pro-color" model tube, many of these pigments (Pocilloprin) are complemented with their respective colors. The new "Pro color" is characterized especially by its deep red color sections (max by 660nm wavelength), which are responsible for the lush, red color.

RRPs range from 199 for the 4 x 24W Sunpower to 859 for the 10 x 80W Powermodule. Tube RRPs range from 13.49 - 21.99. Light tubes are not included in the price of the units.

Practical Fishkeeping will be releasing a long-term review of the ATI lighting range in a future issue of the print magazine.