PFK launches Fish Mapper


Practical Fishkeeping has just launched a new free service which allows fishkeepers to map the distribution of fish species on a satellite map.

By entering the current, valid scientific name for a fish species into Fish Mapper, you can see exactly where scientists have found that species on a digital satellite map.

You can drag the map around to see fish that are outside the current viewing window, and click the pointer flags in the map to see more details about the fish you are looking at.

Fish Mapper also allows you to view maps of related fish that have already been mapped, and to view the latitude and longitude coordinates and museum accessions details for each fish that has been plotted on your map.

Fish Mapper uses data kindly provided by the excellent FishBase, a collaborative project to record details on all of the world's fish species.

The software was developed by the editor of the Practical Fishkeeping website, Matt Clarke.

Fish Mapper made the press back in January when it was the subject of an article in The Scientist.

You can give it a go in the tools section of the Practical Fishkeeping website here or look at the list of recently mapped species and view pre-generated maps.

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