PFK launches dyed fish campaign


Following a rise in the number of dyed fish on sale in the UK, Practical Fishkeeping has relaunched its Dyed Fish Campaign, and this time it's going global!

Back in 1996 PFK ran an award winning campaign which lead to a dramatic decrease in the number of dyed fish on sale. We feel the time has come to resurrect the campaign and we are urging all fishkeepers to encourage their retailer to sign up.

Those shops who sign our pledge agreeing not to stock dyed fish will receive a poster to display in their shop, and we'll print their names in the magazine and on this website.

We know from our recent survey that nearly 90% of PFK readers would choose to buy fish their from dealers who pledge not to stock dyed fish, so it's in their interests to take part.

With your help we can say "No" to this cruel trade.