Pele the piranha predicts England win on Saturday


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A piranha at Wildwoods Water Garden Centre in Enfield, Middlesex, has made headlines after The Sun introduced it as its aquatic tipster for the World Cup.

Pele is a 10cm/4in long Caribe piranha (Pygocentrus cariba). Wildwoods' general manager, David Monk, told PFK: "The Sun specifically wanted a fish that comes from Brazil and we chose this species over several others we have in the store, as it's slightly bolder."

Pele follows in the footsteps of Paul the Octopus, who lived at a Sea Life Centre in Germany and correctly predicted the outcomes of 11 matches in the 2010 World Cup, including the final between Spain and Netherlands. Unfortunately, Paul has since died.

Pele's aquarium has been decorated to look like a football pitch, complete with 'turf' and a goal — and there's even a background of England supporters sitting behind the goal net.

The aquatic tipster makes his prediction by choosing a piece of food from one of three flags hanging above the goal. Two have the colours of the opposing teams, while the third is marked 'draw'.

Pele has correctly forecast the outcome of all three of England's warm-up games and has now predicted that England will beat Italy in its opening match on Saturday.

David says: "Pele originates from the Orinoco and some regions of the Amazon. The native indians call this species Caribe, which means cannibal. They are named after an infamous, warlike native tribe, which no longer exists. This species is also called Capaburro by local cattle herdsmen, which means Donkey castrator…
"Groups of these fish have been known to congregate under nesting birds waiting for chicks to fall into the water."

Pele is not the only aquatic fortune-teller for this year's World Cup. Brazil has chosen a Loggerhead turtle as its oracle, which has predicted a win for Brazil against Croatia in tonight's opening game.

You can watch Pele doing his thing in the video below:


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