Pacu is fed on mushy peas from his own pint glass!


A giant Pacu is being hand fed mushy peas, delivered in his personal pint glass, by staff at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks.

The fish, called Bogie, is very partial to mushy peas mixed up with krill and pellets and he has learned to come to the surface when he sees his pint glass arrive.

Aquarist Becky Goodwin says: "Once he’s there he just opens his mouth as wide as possible and we just pour the peas in!"

"Fish like all animals can learn certain behaviours," she added. "They learn in the same way as other animals in that a reward is given for a desired action.

"In this case Bogie has learned that if he comes up to the surface, especially when his cup is there, then he gets food.”

Bogie was donated to the aquarium by a member of the public after outgrowing his home aquarium. He's also fed a variety of fruit and vegetables including broccoli, apple, nuts, strawberries and mango which staff mash up into a smoothie for him.

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