Opening at OATA


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The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) is recruiting an assistant to the Chief Executive, Keith Davenport, to further enhance its ability to promote and protect its members.

Davenport told Practical Fishkeeping: "The flood of papers on new rules and regulations hitting my desk on an almost daily basis indicates that, contrary to politicians claims, we do not live in a de-regulatory environment.

"The person appointed to be my assistant will keep track of developments that could impact upon our industry.

"We are looking for someone with good technical skills so that they can help in any or all of the wide variety of issues that face us. It will be a unique, exciting and challenging role in which the successful candidate will be exposed to local, national and international issues."

The candidate will be working on a variety of areas, including fish health regulations, international controls on the trade in endangered species, pet shop licensing, non-native fish species, fish treatments, waste electric goods recycling, animal welfare and transport regulations.

The role will also include information gathering and collation, report writing, responding to government consultations, producing newsletters, assisting members with technical issues and developing and delivering OATA's distance learning programmes.

OATA said: "OATA's creditability relies on lobbying in a professional and well-informed manner everywhere and anywhere (globally) our members interests are threatened or where an opportunity to promote them arises. Of course, as in any small organisation, turning your hand to any job that needs to be done is a must!

"The industry is global and so is OATA's role. After a suitable probationary period opportunities to represent OATA outside of the UK may arise."

OATA has around 750 members at local, national, EU and international levels and is highly respected within the UK and global aquarium trade for its work protecting the aquarium hobby.

For more information on the post, see the OATA website or email [email protected].