Open day for fancy goldfish specialist in January


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Hold on to any money you might be given for Christmas if you're a fan of fancy goldfish, as Surrey-based specialist Star Fisheries is holding an Open Cay on January 17, 2016, with a whole host of tempting fish on offer!

Star Fisheries' Andy Green says: Since our last Open day in November we have had a significant amount of new fish arrive from around the world. These will be offered for sale at our January Open Day.
"We have some outstanding new Tri-colour Orandas — some of the best we have had in recent times (see picture above). Also on offer will be some very special fish such as Celestials, Bubble-eyes, Butterflies, Celestial Pom Poms and Eggfish, along with some outstanding Orandas, Ryukins, Ranchus and Lionheads of all sizes. This time there will also be some very rare unique 'one-off' fish, and Japanese fish of various types such as Tosakin, Ryukin, Horyu and Azuma Oranda. Plus, the very best top view Ranchu outside Japanese shores, with the Andrew James range.  
You'll find Star Fisheries at 94a Benhill Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3RX. It will be open from 10am–3pm on the day. There is plenty of free parking available.
Tel. 0208 915 0455 for more information. 
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