Oliver Knott comes to the Green Machine


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On Sunday 13th September, well known German aquascaper Oliver Knott gave a demonstration at planting specialist The Green Machine in Wrexham.

TGM, as it is also known, hosted a free, ticket-only event for over 90 guests who witnessed Oliver Knott create a planted aquarium layout in a 120x60x45cm tall opti-white glass aquarium.

"Oliver Knott is internationally respected for his aquascaping ability." Said the UK's George Farmer.

"Mr Knott spoke excellent English and treated the audience to an excellent step-by-step display with informative and humorous dialogue throughout the event."

The aquascape

The Iwagumi-style (rock garden) aquascape was decorated with petrified/fossilised wood, Riccia stones, hairgrass, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Utricularia graminifolia and Prospernica palustris.

Oliver explained that the layout design was inspired from the coastline around the Isle of Man and displayed photographs of the locations.

He also told stories of his experiences of meeting Takashi Amano and how he enjoys the Japanese culture.