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Editor's Picks
 A perfect place for your Fighter to rest his little fins — the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock.
Gear Post
Review: Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
21 November 2017
 Just look at that little face... No wonder then, that so many fishkeepers find these little puffers so hard to resist.
Features Post
Join the puffer fish fan club!
28 September 2017
 Special care needs to be taken when catching Pictus catfish and other species with spines.
Features Post
Travels with your fish
03 August 2017
October issue of Practical Fishkeeping on sale now!

Our packed October issue is bursting at the seams with fish, advice and inspiration. Check out just a selection of this month's offerings...

Our fish of the month are the beautiful blue-eyes. With irises as enchanting as a galaxy, and flowing fins like Spanish dancers, these are fish you really need to keep!

After a decade of longing, former PFK editor Jeremy Gay finally gets the chance to keep one of the most beautiful tetras out there. Meet the Red/blue Peru.

We offer 16 simple ideas to enrich your fishes' lives to make them happier and healthier — and find out how the way we feed could be the key to better behaved mbuna.

Ever fancied taking a home learning course in aquatics? Now's your chance. Our new Aquatic School series begins this month. Over the next five issues you can learn all about the basics of fishkeeping — and at the end of the course you can take an exam for the opportunity to earn your very own Fishkeeping Diploma!

Whether you're looking for a Jedi mind trick, are seeking Superman, want Utter chaos, or something more discreet, you'll want to keep the colours of the corals you're buying at their very best. We explain how to do it.

The predator vs. prey relationship has given rise to some convincing mimics, which can give marine aquarists a rare insight into this evolutionary 'arms race'. Find out more in the October issue.

All this, plus some great oddball fish we discovered on a recent shop visit, a lovely community tank based around a Guyana stream, a Bolivian catfish showcase, readers' tanks, advice on quarantining Koi, and how you can add water movement to your garden with a stream or waterfall — even if you don't have a pond!

All this and loads more in the October issue of PFK. On sale now.