Obituary: Malcolm Goss, Hounslow & D.A.S



Malcolm Goss passed away on Saturday, August 20 only a few days after he and Gloria had joined other Hounslow members for the annual HDAS BBQ. Malcolm had been in poor health for some time but remained his usual cheerful self and was looking forward to the coming Festival of Fishkeeping, where his prowess as a furnished aquarium expert would have been seen.

Malcolm can only be described as a great servant and asset to the hobby; he had an ‘eye’ for aquatic design and his interest in catfish and plants was legendary. He maintained a very close relationship with ichthyologists such as Gordon Howes and Oliver Crimmen at the Natural History Museum

Malcolm’s fishkeeping connection included Riverside A.S., the Thames Valley (TV) Catfish Group and to the Association of Aquarists for whom he judged and was a guest speaker. Hounslow later not only relied on Malcolm for his judging skills (at Table and Closed Shows), but also enjoyed many of his illustrated talks too.

For several years he was Editor of the FBAS Bulletin and could seemingly conjure up a news item from the flimsiest snippet of information. Full of creative ideas, he had only recently come up with the idea of videoing Hounslow members’ home ponds for a club-night competition.
Some people also had the good fortune to experience his culinary skills, as Malcolm was a most accomplished cook. Away from fishkeeping, his voluntary ‘day job’ included pond maintenance and he also fulfilled many duties at Rickmansworth’s Conservative Club where he acted as Treasurer, Social Secretary and chef — usually all at the same time and very often on the same night!

Many fishkeepers will have met Malcolm as a guest speaker and/or judge at society meetings and shows over the years and the hobby will be a great deal poorer in his absence.

We know fishkeepers everywhere will extend their condolences to Gloria and the rest of Malcolm’s family at this sad time.