OATA conference in the pipeline


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The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) is currently planning it's second annual conference for members of the aquarium trade.

Practical Fishkeeping attended the inaugural OATA conference last year, which was held at The Deep in Hull. All of the UK's leading wholesalers, importers, retailers and manufacturers were present, as well as a number of prominent fish industry experts.

The quality of the speakers at the conference was extremely impressive and there was plenty to interest people in every sector of the trade. Visitors were also given the rare opportunity to see the aquarium after dark, and got a guided tour of the workings behind the aquarium.

The second OATA conference is due to take place around November 2004 and will probably be held in the south of Englands or the midlands.

A number of international speakers are planned for the event, including Dr Paulo Petri of Project Piaba. Keith Davenport, OATA's Chief Executive told PFK that KHV is also likely to receive some attention at the conference, and a lively discussion on the merits of captive bred fish from Singapore and the Czech Republic is also a possibility.

There will also be sponsorship opportunities for manufacturers and wholesalers.

For more information contact Keith Davenport at [email protected], or visit the OATA website: www.ornamentalfish.org.