OASE launches Clear Water System CWS kit


Pond filtration specialist OASE has launched a new filtration system package.

The Clear Water System (CWS) kit includes an Aquamax Eco CWS filtration pump, a FiltoMatic CWS filter system, a SwimSkim CWS surface skimmer, an OxyTex pond aerator and a bottle of Biokick filter starter to aid the maturation of the filter.

OASE claims that the supplied Aquamax Eco CWS pump offers energy savings of up to 40% thanks to a flow-optimised impeller and its efficient motor design.

The pump includes a second adjustable inlet for connecting to the SwimSkin CWS surface skimmer supplied. This floating unit draws in water from the surface of the pond, which keeps the surface free of debris and stirs up floor sediments with its innovative whirlpool function.

OASE says that these suspended sediments are then sucked up by the Aquamax pump and directed to the FiltoMatic filter so they can be removed from the pond.

The filter itself, which OASE describes as an intelligent pond manager, combines biological filtration with sludge removal, which it says is the phosphate carrier most responsible for string algae control.

No prices for the CWS were available at the time of publication.