NT Labs add botanical treatments to their award-winning aquarium range


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The NT Labs Aquarium range was originally launched in 2011, now in its ninth year the team at NT Labs are still adding new products to this hugely popular range. NT Labs are pleased to announce the introduction of two botanical products to this range.

These new products are made up of a unique blend of botanical extracts formulated to support the fish with their recovery from bacterial and parasitic infections. Aquarium Bactonical supports fish during or after active bacterial infections such as fin rot, mouth rot and ulcers, whereas Aquarium Paratonical supports recovery from parasitic infections such as white spot, velvet, Trichodina, Costia, Oodinium and flukes.

Both of these new products can be used in conjunction with the rest of the medicines that make up the NT Labs Aquarium range. They can also be safely used in the presence of invertebrates.

These new products join the popular range of aquarium treatments, which was named the best range of water treatments in the Practical Fishkeeping Manufacturers Poll 2019. Here is what Nathan Hill, the Associate Editor of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, said about the range:

“Comprehensive and easy to use, I often like to have a couple of bottles of Anti-Internal Bacteria treatment or Disease Solve to hand. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who rates these products!”

These products, and the rest of the aquarium range are available from the wide network of NT Labs authorised retailers. Visit the NT Labs website for more information about all of their product ranges, and to locate your nearest authorised retailer by using their handy stockist finder.