November 2009 issue on sale now


The November 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine is on sale from September 30 to October 27 2009.

Definitive guide to Discus: Heiko Bleher is probably the world's leading expert on wild Discus and starts a new two-part series with a look at the different species of Symphysodon and their distribution and habitats across South America. Tempting the difficult diner: Marine expert Eric Michael Sanchez explains his technique for getting picky marine fish to feed.

PFK Quick Guide: Dr Heok Hee Ng highlights the popular barbs from the Puntius genus. Gallireya's real deal: Dr Ad Konings reveals the beautiful cichlids of Lake Malawi's Gallireya Reef. Clown of many coats: Dave Wolfenden looks at the popular Percula clown - a reef fish that comes in several colour morphs.

Marvels in miniature: Boraras expert Kevin Conway of St. Louis University explains why these pretty little pygmy rasboras make such great aquarium fish. No fuss, no problem: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas says the Central American cichlid Thorichthys callolepis is a great choice if you're looking for a laid-back fish to keep and breed.

Scraping a living: Dr Michael Hardman explains recent research into suckermouths of Venezuela and how it can help build the perfect catfish community. Biotopes: Heiko Bleher's relentless search to find and photograph new fish takes him to the Yungas, a remote region of Bolivia fished only by intrepid pioneers who don't mind heights...

State of the art: Coral reef aquariums have come a long way - and few examples demonstrate the current level of excellence better than this tank. Jeremy Gay talks to Polish reefkeeper Krystof Tryc about his astounding reef. Quick off the mark: One year after being introduced to Europe, the Colombian red-fin tetra was becoming a hobby favourite. John Rundle explains how to keep and breed them.

Tried and Tested: Product news, reviews of the latest gadgets and details of what our long-term testers are doing in their tanks. Products covered in this include BCUK Calanus, Aquarium Systems NeWave flow pumps, the VorTech MP10 flow pump, the Arcadia OT2-LED T5, Hagen's new Profile aquarium range and a quick look at the new LED strips from QE Global. Your tanks: We check out James Starr-Marshall's stunning little planted nano tank.

Fishkeeping Answers: Our 17-page section covering the answers to your questions from the world's leading experts, this month including answers from characin expert Dr Stanley Weitzman, ichthyological explorer Heiko Bleher, south east Asian fish expert Dr Heok Hee Ng, catfish guru Dr Michael Hardman, cichlid expert Juan Miguel Artigas Azas and marine fish breeder Matt Pedersen. Plus: Dr Peter Burgess looks at drop-eye in arowanas.

Fish in the shops: Your guide to the top shops and the fish you'll want to track down. Shoptour: We visit three stores in Middlesex that were recommended by PFK readers. Readers' Poll 2009: We announce the results of our biggest ever poll to find the UK's best shops. Interesting Imports: Matt Clarke checks out some of the new, unusual and rarely seen fish recently spotted in UK shops. Discoveries: Heiko Bleher highlights some of the fish he has discovered recently. Also on sale: Dealers tell us about some of the unusual fish they currently have on sale.

Build a great British aquascape: George Farmer sets up a stunning biotope based on a lake in exotic Peterborough. Sumo enters the arena: Recently explored waters in Asia are revealing exciting new species - and stepping forward among them is a tough, territorial Schistura loach. Matt Ford explains more. News: The latest fish news, including an exclusive on a DNA fingerprinting study that has shed new light on the identities of some common marine aquarium fish. News analysis: Dr Gordon Watson investigates whether the future of marine environments depends on reserves.

10 things you'll find out in this issue

1. Yellow and Scopas tangs could be the same species.

2. How Brittanichthys tetras breed.

3. Why salmacis is unusual among Scleromystax corydoradine cats.

4. How to tell the difference between Badis and Dario.

5. Which fish is found 5.2 miles below the water surface.

6. Which species live alongside the Firemouth.

7. Why finding out what your suckermouth cats eat can help you build the perfect community.

8. Everything you ever wanted to know about Boraras.

9. How to get mind-blowing coral coloration.

10. How to keep an exciting new species of loach.

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