November 2008 issue on sale this week


Editor's Picks

The November 2008 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale from October 1 to October 28 2008.

Stuff you need to know about breeding the Golden-eyed cichlid: Both males and females dress up in their chequered best for courtship. John Rundle reveals his favourite fish.

Show stoppers: In the popularity stakes the Discus has few equals. Mark Evenden explains what's involved in showing these fish.

Get lazy, lose fish: Routine tasks are boring but necessary, says Dr Peter Burgess. Living in harmony: Cichlids and catfish can live in harmony in wild ecosystems. Mary Bailey explains how they fit into nature's grand scheme. Great planted tanks: George Farmer interviews Kristoffer Jorgensen, a Danish aquascaper and planted tank enthusiast who learned a great deal from his first project.

Trop Idol: Our two remaining contestants take a fishkeeping quiz, devised by Dr Peter Burgess. Why not do the quiz yourself and compare your own results to those of the two finalists? Then decide which one you want to vote out of the competition. Bleher's biotopes: Heiko Bleher presents another of his created natural biotopes as featured at this year's Interzoo. Hanging by a thread: Ptychochromis in the wild are under severe threat. Breed this ancient cichlid and you may offer hope for its realistic future, says Tom Williams.

Made to measure: In the last part of his series on choosing the best fish and invertebrates for different sizes of aquaria, Phil Hunt looks at top of the scale super systems. Can we still save the reefs? Tim Hayes describes the latest awareness initiative spelling out hard facts, but he fears that time may be running out to preserve that wild corals are left out there. Adding on the benefits: Part two of Les Holliday's return visit to Mick Burns reveals a man making real progress in breeding marine fish and propagating hard and soft corals.

Get into fishkeeping: There's more to coldwater fishkeeping than just goldfish, assures Dr Neale Monks. Focus on rainbowfish: When it comes to tropical fish, few are more iconic than rainbowfish, says Jeremy Gay. Turning to jelly: Complicated life cycles ultimately create these simple but beautiful sea creatures. David Wolfenden wonders if jellyfish are about to become a hobby favourite.

Back to basics: Planted tanks are more popular than ever. George Farmer talks about choosing your ideal aquarium, filtration and lighting in the first part of a new series. What every fishkeeper needs: Nine pages of advice on the must-have equipment you need for successful fishkeeping. Plus: Reptile Answers. Free inside this issue you'll find Reptile Answers, a 24-page pull-out magazine with details on how to raise your baby tortoise.

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