Northern Europe's largest aquarium opens in Denmark


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The largest public aquarium in Northern Europe has opened just outside Copenhagen - and it's not just the fish that are beautiful.

The Blue Planet Aquarium has been designed by Danish architectural studio 3XN to reflect the spiral patterns of nature - from whirling water and schools of fish to hurricanes and star shaped galaxies. It looks amazing.

copyright © 3XN

The aquarium is home to 20,000 fish and marine animals from all over the world and features 450 species.

copyright © Per Floeng

There are 53 tanks containing a total of seven million litres of water.

copyright © Per Floeng

The largest aquarium, the Ocean, is the jewel of the crown. Here hammerhead sharks patrol a coral reef with other types of shark, stingrays and hundreds of small and large tropical fish. It can be experienced through the 16m long x 8m high panorama window or through a 16m long tunnel, where sharks swim above and below. Containing 4.1 million litres of water, this is the biggest tropical aquarium in Northern Europe.

The saltwater is pumped from the sea through 1.6 km long pipes - it's used to supply the aquariums and also for cooling.

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