No dogs please - they might get eaten!


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A Staffordshire anglers' centre has banned dogs from some of its lakes, fearing they might become food for giant catfish!

According to BBC News, Cudmore Fisheries issued the ban after a giant catfish measuring 2.1m/7ft was caught at one of its 'predator lakes', which also contains pike and perch.

The monster fish, weighing in at 27.6kg/61lb, was caught during a stock-taking of the lake and apparently an even bigger catfish managed to get away because the net the staff were using couldn't hold it.

Cyril Brewster told BBC Radio Stoke: "These cats are not little pussycats. No pets will be allowed in the fishing area. Even my wife's dog will not be allowed to swim in the lake."

The catfish will take birds and chicks and it's thought that mink hunting small fish in the lake may also have been seized.

Inexperienced anglers have to attend a course before they can use the Fisheries' 'predator lakes' - and juniors are banned from fishing them altogether.