Nirah branded evil project


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Nirah branded evil project


Animal rights campaigners have branded the proposed Nirah project as "evil" during a demonstration in Bedfordshire.

The National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitat (Nirah) project is still in the planning stages and the organisers are currently looking at a number of possible sites for the facility, which will house the world's largest aquarium. Nirah will be housed in a dome-like complex which will dwarf Cornwall's Eden Project.

According to Serious About, animal rights protesters stormed Bedfordshire borough council offices on Friday claiming that the project was "evil". The group claims that the "Evil Project" will cause suffering.

According to the report, the campaigners said that fish do not survive well in captivity and the project will require the frequent removal of new specimens from the wild. They oppose any form of research.

When complete, Nirah will provide Britain's freshwater biologists with a unique research facility, as well as providing what could be one of the UK's biggest visitor attractions.

The Project is being supported by a number of universities, and is being led by Dr Steve La Thangue, a Bristol zoological consultant well-known in the aquatic trade.