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A clock that doubles up as an aquarium featuring a Siamese fighter is sure to get fishkeepers up in arms.

Called the BettaClock, it combines a small single-fish aquarium with a battery operated wall clock and was exhibited by manufacturers Aquavista at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago earlier this month.

The acrylic aquarium which is positioned in front of the clock holds just 1.2 US gal. (equivalent to around 4.5 l./1 gal.). There's an opening at the top, for maintenance and feeding. Outer dimensions are 11" x 11" x 5" deep.

In its blurb the company says that it's "a patented wall mounted designer clock that is a happy home for Betta fish and Dwarf frogs".

Presumably there's a gap at the top somewhere for air, so the fighter or frog can breathe, although it's not obvious from the pictures we've seen. There doesn't appear to be a filter or heater of any kind, and no cover for the inmates of the tank. 

Scarily, a similar clock called the AquaClock appears on the company's website alongside a claim that it's also "perfect for goldfish".

You can see a video of the clock below:

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