New VorTech MP60 aquarium pump


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A new pump, aimed at the larger aquarium, has been added to the VorTech range of aquarium pumps from American manufacturer EcoTech Marine.

The VorTech MP60 ES outputs a massive 20,000 lph, but still in the EcoTech style of providing the broad, wide flow that corals and fish need.

This new pump is engineered for aquariums holding 120 to over 1,000 US gallons (450-3800 l.) with up to 2.5cm/1in glass thickness and has been designed to create the most flow in the smallest package possible. EcoTech Marine says that in the quest to continually raise the bar on reef flow technology, the unit runs quiet, cool and with minimal vibration.

Tim Marks, president of EcoTech Marine says: "Prior to this launch, aquarists with fish tanks having pane thicknesses greater than three-quarters of an inch had very few options for high-flow solutions. We are excited to provide this much-desired solution for the most discerning and diehard hobbyists."

The MP60 will be priced at around £575.

The VorTech range is distributed in the UK by ITC Aquatics, 07970 109797.

Jeremy Gay reviewed the pump's baby brother, the VorTech MP10, earlier in the year.