New V Skim 80 Micro Skimmer from Tropical Marine Centre


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TMC have released the latest in their V Skim range of protein skimmers for marine aquariums.

Tiny in size this new model is aimed specifically at nano tanks.

"This high performance protein skimmer offers all the qualities of the award-winning VSkim range but designed specifically with the

nano or micro aquarium in mind." Say TMC.

"The space-saving ~hang-on design allows the VSkim 80 to be positioned and easily hidden on the back or side of any nano or micro aquarium of up to 80 litres in volume."

"It incorporates a highly efficient Multi-Jet venturi injection system comprising 6 venturi injectors which optimise the perfect mixture of micro fine air bubbles and water and ensure intensive, efficient skimming and the removal of proteins and other harmful toxins (waste) from the aquarium."

"The unique skimmer body design allows access to most parts of the skimmer for simple cleaning. The easy to remove collection cup enables quick and effortless maintenance and cleaning."

"The user friendly water level adjustment slide allows water level and flow to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency and

highly efficient skimming."

"The V Skim 80 requires a water supply pump with a flow rate of approximately 800 litres per hour at 0 head (NOT SUPPLIED) to deliver and ensure the optimum water flow for the Multi-Jet venturi injection system."

RRP 29.99